Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Island Batik Ambassadors Try a Technique Challenge Part 2

In my last post about my Island Batik Ambassadors challenge I showed you how I made my Seminole pieces.  Now....what to do with them.  Originally I thought I'd use them as a border for a square.  As you can see below, it didn't quite work out that way!  The pieces wanted to be a diamond because they ended up as parallelograms not rectangles.

When sewing strips onto my sections I realized that this wasn't going to work....and a little ripping ensued.

How to get the right angle?  I laid the parallelogram on top and cut the purple strip at the same angle with a ruler.  I had no idea what angle it was, but this method worked well.

Then I was able to sew them correctly so it became a straight line, not a v shape.

Once they were all done I sewed them into this diamond and got to work on the quilting!  It is after all, one of my favorite parts.  As you can see I haven't quite made it to the binding yet....but I will soon.  This quilt has Hobbs 80-20 Cotton-Poly batting in it.  It's one of my go to favorites.

I quilted large feathers in the outer border to fill the space and then did matchsticks between the feathers and the edges of the quilt.  I did matchsticks in the black print too....but you can't see it.

I also did a feathered wreath in the center of the quilt.  It was fun. I also did matchsticks around the edge.  Why?  So the feather edges pop and you can really see them.  It didn't take too long and was worth the effort.

It was hard to know what color Aurifil to use on these feathers.  I ended up using a dark purple #2545,  I decided on the dark instead of the lighter purple because I didn't want the lighter thread to take away from the fabric.  It's such a lovely fabric after all.  It's an Island Batik basic fabric called Blackberry and is one of my favorites!

I hope you get to quilt today!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop 2018 and Giveaway!

This year Marian at Seams to be Sew challenged us Quilt Qwazy Queens to finish up a UFO project.  I remembered I had these two blocks that I'd never done anything with.  Originally they were going to be baskets for applique, but I wasn't in the mood to do that.

Quilt Qwazy Queens 2018   

I decided the thing to do was to make two more blocks in similar, but different fabrics and put them together.  Here's what happened.  I really like it, but I felt like it needed a border because I really didn't want to try to hit all those triangle tips with my binding.

You can see that I alternated colors for my border too.  I like the contrast that it gives.  I also had a lot of fun quilting this quilt.  It's for my friend Susan who loves turquoise.

Yes, those are my feet.  Oops.  Here you can see the detail of the feathers and the wavy lines I used in the triangles.

And here is the feather I quilted in the center.  I used 28 weight Aurifil thread in the top for this.  I like the additional dimension the thicker thread gives though it was a little fussy for me.

Be sure to check out the rest of the bloggers on this hop!

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And now it's time for a giveaway!  
There is a $150 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop (this contest lasts all 5 days of the hop)

And a gorgeous Timeless Treasures Bundle also from Fat Quarter Shop

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

I hope you get to quilt today!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Stair Railing Inspiration

I googled stair railings this week.  Where the idea came from?  No clue.  But I did find some cool images.

Image result for interesting railings

Image result for interesting railings

Image result for interesting railings

Image result for interesting railings

I hope you get to quilt today!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Island Batik Ambassador's Try a Technique Challenge - Part 1

I've been a quilter for over thirty years, so thinking of a technique that I hadn't done before was a bit of a challenge for me.  But thanks to the amazing group of Island Batik Ambassadors and their brainstorming skills I finally settled on a technique...Seminole Piecing.  I've watched my mom do it, but I'd never tried.

Seminole piecing comes from the Seminole Native American tribe and you can read about it here.

I started by picking some fabrics.  The left fabric is called Blackberry and it's one of my absolute favorite solidy batiks from Island Batiks.  The other three fabrics were from stash buster rolls.  I know the far right one is from the Fire Island line a few years ago.  I love the combination of these colors.

I started by constructing two strip sets like these.  I then cut 2 inch wide pieces at a 45 degree angle.

Next I figured out how I wanted to sew them together.

And then a lot of cutting ensued...

To get them aligned just right I put some tape on my cutting mat.  The first top piece of tape is where the black and green meet on the bottom piece.

The bottom piece of tape is where the end of the black fabric is on the top piece.  This method yielded very close and accurate results. 

Here are the first two sewn together. 

Now they're a set of seven.

The last step is to trim the outside triangles so you have a parallelogram?

But it is a beautiful parallelogram!  Come back next Wednesday to see what happens next...

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I hope you get to quilt today!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Free Motion Friday - Kookaburra from Helen Godden's Feather Friends BOM

I'm doing Helen Godden's Feathered Friends Block of the Month and it's a blast.  The first month we did Parakeets or budgies.  This month we did a Kookaburra.  It was such fun to quilt!  I think my favorite part is Helen's Stack of Rocks in the red at the bottom.  I know I'll be using that texture again soon!

My boys loved watching me paint on fabric and had to get in the action too...

I hope you get to quilt today!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop Begins Today!

Quilt Qwazy Queens 2018

Be sure to check out the hop!  Go to!  There are new giveaways each day.  I'll be posting next'll have to wait and see what I did with my UFO...

Worldwide Quilting Day 2018

I hope you get to quilt today!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Little Paint and a Little Applique....A Fix for Block 3

Block three doesn't work.  It's too light compared to the background fabric.  It blends in with it too much.  I don't want to redo this block, so I decided to try to fix it instead.

First I painted the purple green.   Then I tried out different fabrics to replace the pink.  I thought I was going to like this one below, but I don't.  It has too much yellow.

Here is that same fabric compared to a more solid lime green.  I like the solid much better.  To replace the shape I simply cut it about 1/16th of an inch wider than the original and put it right on top.

Yes, the lime works well.

Now I need to fix the little purple dots.  Here are two possibilities.  I like the top one.  I think the dot in the bottom one is too big.

All fixed and read to be ironed!  I like this much better than the original pink.  It stands out more.

I hope you get to quilt today!